Camille Gibson | Afterwards


the details

"The act of creating art is both stimulating and soothing for me. I feel best when the message from my brain to use my hands to manipulate materials, color, and tools is acted upon. The process is spontaneous. I know that the piece is finished when I feel regulated. Afterwards came to be via pencil scribbles, glued down scraps of an old picture, swipes of paint, a collection of roots, a cloth scrap, and a hand-cut paper heart. I made it during a time of mourning. It helped me to cope and to ride the flow of sorrow. The heart and tendrils were created with intention, a reminder to encounter the world with an open heart."

Artist: Camille Gibson
Title: Afterwards (2019)
Medium: Collage
Size: 20 .5" x 16.75" x 1 .5"

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