Fishwife Tin | Smoked Salmon


the details

Is it unusual to have canned fish at a museum shop? Not when the brand is called Fishwife! And not when it accompanies two excellent new seafood cookbooks available in the shop: Tin to Table: Fancy, Snacky Recipes for Tin-thusiasts and A-fish-ionados and The Whole Fish Cookbook: New Ways to Cook, Eat and Think.

Seen here is Smoked Salmon, which is brined in extra-virgin olive oil, natural sea salt, organic garlic salt, and organic brown sugar, smoked in small batches over a mix of beech, maple, and birch wood, hand-packed, and canned by fifth-generation family-run cannery on the central coast of Washington. It is sourced directly from Kvarøy Arctic, the first finfish farm to carry the Fair Trade USA seal, and BAP, ASC and Global G.A.P. certification.

Cans are BPA-free. Each tin net weight is 3.5 oz.